Super Pro RV Boxing Gloves 2024 - White/Silver/Blue


The Super Pro Kickboxing Gloves, crafted from the highest quality leather for unparalleled suppleness and durability, feature a handcrafted padding composed of four layers of material, ensuring both comfort and optimal protection for your hands. The unique Velcro closure, with a double strap, offers optimal wrist support, setting these gloves apart. The interior, made of a velvety material, enhances the overall luxurious feel.

Rico Verhoeven relies on these gloves for his daily training sessions, making them the epitome of ultimate kickboxing pleasure. Elevate your training experience with the gloves trusted by the champion himself.

To determine the correct size/weight of your gloves, follow the chart below:

Your weight Size
< 25 kg 4 oz
25 - 35 kg 6 oz
35 - 45 kg 8 oz
45 - 55 kg 10 oz
55 - 65 kg 12 oz
65 - 85 kg 14 oz
86 - 95 kg 16 oz
> 96 kg 18 oz

During competitions, fights are normally made with 10 oz. If you want to train more heavily with more weight on your arms to train holding up, take one size larger/heavier.